Team Riders

Surf Team

Michael Dunphy

Age: 26 years old
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Current Location: Between Virginia Beach and Florida
Why surf? I love being a surfer because I’ve been able to travel and see most of the world while surfing some of the best waves that exist.

Wes Laine, Sr.
Pat Agnew

Jennings Sessoms
Wes Laine, Jr.
Grant Mann

Skate Team

Nathan Midgette
Ronan Livingston
Josh Grevindan
Sergie Venture

Rob “Pee Wee” Agliam
Ronnie O’Neal
Dylan O’Neal
Korey Gandy

Collin Graham
Jolian Ethridge
Ron O’Neal, Sr.

Snow Team

Ryan Bozeman

Birthday: February 24th, 1997
Birthplace: Virginia Beach, VA
Current location: Virginia Beach, VA
Why snowboarding? I love snowboarding is because once you learn the basics of riding you can go wherever you want on the mountain, do whatever turns you want, and no one can tell you how to snowboard. It’s fun being able to run through a park and film tricks and decide exactly what you want to execute and do it. Snowboarding is so simple but you can always learn something new, do a trick with a new grab, or tweak a rotation… the learning process really never ends and you can continuously get better. Kind of tough being a snowboarder from the beach but I spend a good amount of time at Liberty Mountain snowflex Centre which is a year-round dry slope in Lynchburg VA. It’s a great training facility for summer that includes 3 jumps a rail line of about 8 features and an Olympic style trampoline.
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